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Dealing with Mice and Rat Pest Control in Atlanta

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Dealing with Mice and Rat Pest Control in Atlanta

Rats and mice can become a significant problem in heavily populated areas. If you are concerned about rodents in Atlanta, there are a few things you should know about common rats and mice in metropolitan and suburban areas in general.

Types of Rats and Mice in Atlanta

There are three main species of rats and mice that are commonly found in Atlanta:

  1. Roof rats are relatively small, agile rats that are black or dark brown in color. They are most likely to be found on roofs and in attics in the suburban areas of Atlanta.
  2. Norway rats, on the other hand, are larger and less flexible, with shorter ears and a gray, rather than white, coat. These rats are burrowers, which means that they prefer to live underground, and are most frequently found in basements and ground-floor dwellings.
  3. House mice are also common in Atlanta. These mice are usually gray or brown in color with large ears and long tails. They will invade nearly every room in a dwelling, including the kitchen and bathroom, and are one of the biggest pests in the Atlanta area.

Rodent Risks

The problem with mice and rats in Atlanta is that rodents, despite how cute they might seem to some, often carry diseases. In addition, mice and rats are extremely destructive, appropriating food sources and nesting with whatever materials they can find.

Mice and rats are also prolific breeders, which means using pest control to eliminate these rodents can be a challenge. For example, two house mice in your home could produce more than 200 in one year. While some of these mice might eventually leave the home in search of other food sources, it is still a problem for the initial dwelling.

Pest Control Options for Mice and Rats

Unfortunately, most of the pest control options you buy from the store will not be effective in dealing with significant mice and rat problems in Atlanta. Pest control traps and poisons might eradicate two or three rodents, but they are unlikely to eliminate the problem entirely.

Hiring a pest control professional in Atlanta will ensure the mice and rats are eradicated entirely – without you having to worry about traps for mice or rats that might injure a pet or young child.

You will also find that the standard over-the-counter methods of pest control are not effective against some species of rats and mice. These animals are smart enough to evade pest control traps and poisons, and might continue reproduction and damage.

Pest control is particularly difficult in Atlanta because the weather is ideal for rodents. While winters are relatively mild in Atlanta, it gets just cold enough to send pests indoors where you live.

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