Tom-CoffeyTom Coffey here. I work as an IT Consultant for decades now. There’s actually a story behind the birth (re-birth) of this blog. After the 9/11 incident in 2001, I felt the biggest struggle in our lives. Everyone was longing and panicking at the same time with what we could actually eat as the days progress. There was a massive recession going on and unfortunately, I was one of those who lost a fresher job of mine that time. This actually led me to applying to whatever job opportunities that came along my way. To make the story short, I was hired to sell pest control services and it brought up a different perspective to me. That job was actually not even comparable to a corporate job I used to have.

It opened up my eyes to notice little things and this actually helped me retain and even improved my composure on a lot of things in my life. Sharing information for one is the number one objective of this project. Hopefully you’ll get to enjoy the things I discuss in here, and hopefully we could get to know more and talk a lot of more things about home improvement, landscaping, gardening, anything under the sun actually. So buckle up and we’ll still have a long journey to share about.

Let’s all fly and be free as doves.