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My 4 year old stallion, HGF Fiero and Nicholas Fyffe at my clinic last week

May 11, 2014

Dover’s World On A Pause!

My friends keep asking I have not been posting as I always did since taking over the U.S. Coaching job. In fact, Robert and I determined that it is in the best interest of all that I put 100% of my energy into my work with the Team and place my website on hold. I know this may not be what some want to hear but I agree that it is smarter for me to not try to do too many things at the same time since I can’t stand less than what I feel perfect about. Thanks for your understanding and watch my Facebook page for daily posts.



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February 23, 2014

Great Results On Both Coasts For America!

I only wish I could have cloned myself this week to be able to attend both the Stillpoint Farm Nations Cup here in Wellington as well as the Burbank CDIW. American athletes were absolutely super on both coasts with our Team A, made up by Adrienne Lyle and Wizard, Tina Konyot with Callecto V, Shawna Harding riding Rigo, and Sylva Martin with her Rosa Cha W, winning the Nations Cup and Adrienne and Tina placing 1st and 3rd within 1 percentage point in the Individual Championships with over 76%! Out west, Steffens Peters had over 76% with Legolas in the Grand Prix, followed by Guenter Seidel and Coral Reef Wylea with over 72%!
What this tells me is that our riders are scoring higher this year than last and we still have more combinations yet to show in the coming weeks which I believe will produce even more excellent results. America’s depth of world-class combinations is growing and we are marching steadily toward becoming medal contenders for Normandy.



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February 14, 2014


The Dressage Owners Task Force is throwing a very nice party again to welcome and encourage new and prospective owners/ sponsors of Dressage horses for our athletes, young and old. The information on this event is at the following link:
Please come out land join us for this great new program!



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January 22, 2014

Invitation To Two Special USEF Events!

USEF Dressage would like to personally invite you to two special events taking place at the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, FL:

ExperienceDressage.com Launch Party
Hosted by the USEF High Performance Dressage Owners Task Force, this reception will introduce you to ExperienceDressage.com, a new website aimed at connecting U.S. High Performance riders with potential owners and syndications. The Task Force aims to broaden U.S. horse ownership, develop and maintain owner awareness and appreciation and to enhance the experience of horse ownership at all levels.
Come join us for this exciting venture, Thursday, January 23, 2014 in Wellington, FL at the Global Dressage Grounds VIP Tent. Appetizers and beverages will be served. If you are unable to attend, you can explore the website at www.ExperienceDressage.com.

USEF/USET Foundation Dressage Pipeline Clinic – through a gift from Betsy Juliano and Havensafe Farm
This is a unique opportunity to witness the U.S. Dressage pipeline of riders and horses in action, all together in one clinic. All four U.S. Dressage coaches will be working together to demonstrate the harmonization in the coaching programs: Robert Dover, U.S. Dressage Technical Advisor/Chef d’Equipe; Debbie McDonald, USEF Developing Coach; Scott Hassler, USEF National Young Horse Coach and Jeremy Steinberg, USEF National Youth Coach.
The clinic will take place January 28-29, 2014 in Wellington, FL at the Global Dressage Grounds from approximately 9:30am-4:00pm. Auditors are encouraged to attend, please find the registration from here. For a list of participating riders click here.

United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. 4047 Iron Works Pkwy, Lexington, KY 40515 859-258-2472 webmaster@usef.org

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January 17, 2014

Please, Please Read This and Help EAF WIN!!!

On Your Mark… Get Set… GO!
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FTI Consulting Great Charity Challenge
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January 15, 2014

USA’s March Toward Excellence!

After my third USEF High Performance Training Session, I can safely say that our athletes, both 2 and 4-legged, are marching beautifully forward toward our shared and committed goal of medal-winning excellence! Our depth of gorgeous horses being ridden by extremely elegant and gifted riders and trainers is growing by leaps and bounds, as I certain will be evident as the show seasons on both coasts will demonstrate. My personal commitment to our athletes, their coaches, owners, sponsors, and support teams, is absolute and unwavering. What they can also count on me 100% for is the TRUTH, as I see it. Their confidence in themselves and their horses and believing in their being truly world-class is paramount going forward. I hope our entire Dressage community will share my enthusiasm for our fabulous WEG contenders as well as all of our amazing youth and developing athletes by giving generously either at our up-coming USET Fundraisers or directly to the USET Foundation-Dressage Programs. In this very important WEG year, we need every bit of help we can get. Please help us in our quest for the medal podiums!!! Thank you very much!



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December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Robert and I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year full of LOVE and JOY!!! We are so thankful for the people, animals and everything which brings so much beauty and wonder into our lives. I also send my heartfelt thoughts to those who have lost loved-ones and are feeling loss or sadness around the holidays. I know exactly what you are feeling as my father would have been 90 this December 21st and my Mom will have been 86 on New Year’s Eve and I miss them both every single day. But if, as a Monk said, our departed loved-ones are no less truly gone than a cloud can ever really be gone just because we may no longer see it. It has just taken different forms, such as rain, snow or hail, but it can never not exist. We must live in the present; with every breath that we breath in and breath out, we recreate who we are in the grandest version we can possibly imagine in the inner-vision of our minds. In this way we find harmony, peace and LOVE!

Happy Holidays!!!


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December 18, 2013

The 3rd Annual RD Horsemastership Week!

Third Annual Dressage Horsemastership Week
Led by US Olympian Robert Dover

December 15, 2013 (Wellington, FL) - The Third Annual Robert Dover Dressage Horsemastership Week (RDHW) presented by Dressage4Kids, Inc. will be held January 2 -6, 2014 in the van Kampen Indoor Arena at the Global Dressage Festival show facility in Wellington, Florida. This special week for youth dressage riders coincides with the George Morris Horsemastership Clinic for youth jumping riders.
Riders for the RDHW are chosen from Dressage4Kids (D4K) Emerging Dressage Athlete Program clinics held around the country as well as from major competitions including the North American Junior/Young Rider Championships, The US Equestrian Federation Festival of Champions and the Dressage Seat Medal Finals.
Chosen participants for this year are: Kalie Beckers (LA,) Rachel Chowanec (CT,) Allie Cyprus (TX,) Lindsay Holleger (GA,) Leah Marks (GA,) Emma Patterson (TX,) Cassie Schmidt (TX,) Elle Turner (GA,) Ayden Uhlir (WA,) Bebe Davis (NJ,) Jamie Pestana (CA,) and Genay Vaughn (CA.)
Selected auditors include: Kate Conover (TX,) Jessica Fan (TX,) Allison Hopkins (TX,) Rebekah Mingari (KY,) Alexander Dawson (WI,) Devon Wycoff (CO,) and Mikayla Fredericks (IA.)
The clinic week has been designed as an extensive educational experience for all the participants and auditors. Attendees become immersed in a week of intense dressage information. The educational experience centers around training sessions with top international competitors, but extends far beyond just the reach of a typical clinic lesson.
All participants begin each day of the week with a rider work-out designed by personal trainer Bob Gutowitz. He stresses the importance of a rider being just as physically fit as the horse if you intend to participate in top international competition.
Next on the daily agenda includes participants each having lessons with top international trainers. Trainers for this year’s event are Robert Dover, Shelly Francis, Jan Ebeling and Debbie McDonald.
In between riding sessions, participants also attend daily lectures from other top professionals that form the “team” required to make a successful and competitive international competitor. This year’s speakers are USET Team Veterinarian Dr. Rick Mitchell, sports psychologist Dr. Jenny Susser, nutritionist Dr. Mary Beth Gordon, top farrier Don Later, Jane Savioe, media professional Ken Braddick and USEF Youth Team Coach Jeremy Steinberg. These professionals will expose the youth riders to all the necessary aspects that constitute a solid base from which a horse and rider combination can succeed. The group will also take a few field trips to some local international level training facilities in Wellington, FL.
On the last day, participants will ride a test appropriate to the level of their ability and their horse’s ability. International dressage judges Janet Foy and Linda Zang will provide feedback to participants from the judge’s perspective about their performances.
This intense educational experience was started in 2011 and modeled after the US Hunter Jumper Association’s Emerging Athlete Program. The Hunter Jumper program was proving to be successful in providing the necessary insight for youth riders into the complexities of top international training and competition. Lendon Gray and Robert Dover have emulated this model from the Hunter Jumper program to introduce the advanced youth dressage riders to the training and “team” building required of top international dressage athletes.
Dover added, “We need to continue to expose and encourage the talented youth riders in this sport in order to continue to strengthen the pipeline which will eventually lead to creating competitive international dressage squads to represent the United States at ALL international competitions. This RDHW provides the emersion into dressage that these youth riders need at this age in order to understand what is required to be a top competitor.”
Auditors for the riding portions of this clinic will be allowed to attend this year for a minimum donation to D4K of $20 per person per day. Auditors may sign up ahead of time by contacting Annie Cizadlo at 218-349-3452 or by email at kodester1@yahoo.com or just sign up at the door for the day. Riding sessions will be held at the Global Dressage Facility under the covered arena and in the International ring during the first 4 days of the clinic. Riders will be riding a test in front of the judges on the last day of the clinic.
Dressage4Kids sponsors much of the RDHW activities to keep costs for participants to a minimum. This year, the clinic also has the generous sponsorship from several local vendors. Kim Boyer and Hampton Green Farm has continued extensive sponsorship of this entire event. Equestrian Sport Productions is generously donating the use of their facility, The Global Dressage Festival show grounds for all of the clinic lessons and stabling for the horses. The Dressage Connection, Horse of Course, ShowChic and Kastel Denmark are donating embroidered items. Other sponsors for the week include the Tackeria, SunBolt Embroidery and Dover Saddlery.
Additional sponsors are always needed in many capacities. Dressage4Kids, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides educational and competitive opportunities for youth riders in order to encourage those same riders to become true horsemen, develop good sportsmanship skills and to have fun. D4K also supports programs for adults who support and educate youth. For more information, or to donate to the organization, visit www.Dressage4Kids.com. For more information or to offer sponsorship for the RDHW clinic specifically, contact Annie Cizadlo at kodester1@yahoo.com.

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December 16, 2013

Holidays And The Coming Year

First, I want to wish everyone the very happiest of holidays, full of laughter, good health, and LOVE! I know that for some, the holidays are not always easy, but finding a way to show our gratitude for the lives we have can bring us joy, nevertheless. Robert and I did our annual trip to Target to buy over 100 toys for children at the Miami Shelter and though I had to work, Robert got to go down and take pictures for me of the happy families and that warmed my heart!

We are ready for Christmas and our annual New Year’s Party in Miami, to be followed January 2-6 by the 3rd Annual Robert Dover Horse-Mastership Week at the Global Dressage Festival venue. Anyone interested in coming out to audit and join the festivities, please go to Dressage4Kids.com and see all the details under The Emerging Dressage Athlete Program.

The first CDIW begins on January 10 and runs through the 13th. Following that is the third of my USEF High Performance Training Sessions on January 14/15. The next CDI is directly after from January 18-20. And then we have the USEF High Performance “MEGA CLINIC” with all 4 Coaches working together with some of our top young riders, young horses, developing combinations, and international elite athletes. This clinic on January 28/29 is open to the public and I know everyone attending will learn a lot and enjoy themselves, so COME ON OUT! More information is available at USEF.org.

Well, that rounds out a very busy month of January. Again, I wish everyone all the very best in the coming year!



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December 12, 2013

Ron Davis’s ” Harry And Snowman”

My amazing friend, Ron Davis, is at it again, producing his next fabulous movie. This one is about legendary Snowman, the horse ridden by equally famous, Harry de Leyer. Take a look at and like the Facebook Page and watch out for this movie!




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